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craft beer labels – CHEERS to that!

craft beer labels furbrew 2

FURBREW are UNTRADITIONAL, UNCONVENTIONAL and UNEXPECTED with both their craft beers and branding. Head Brewer Thomas Bilgram has built an international following of people wanting unique brews and blends. Furbrew also contract brew and pack for several other brands, providing the expertise, knowledge and passion that makes them stand out in the craft beer market.


Thomas Bilgram“For a small boutique craft brewery like Furbrew, presenting our beers in the best possible way is essential. We always invest in the design of our labels, and opted for a really high quality printing solution too. We need flexibility and feedback on how to improve. QLM has proven they are the right partner for us


Furbrew regularly work with local brands and artists to produce a range of beers and beverages with labels and taste that people notice. So you can be crafty and clever – CHEERS to that!

Craft beer labels


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