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Front End Developer – HCMC Based

We are looking for an experienced front-end web developer to design, develop, build and maintain our network of websites. We want you to be a developer with a strong track record of excellent website development work on WordPress and is comfortable working with a regional team in English and Vietnamese. We do not require a university degree for this position. Instead, we are focused on output and real-world experience. Our web program will include work with Odoo so an understanding of Odoo or the ability to quickly learn this is important.

  • You will be experienced in working with WordPress including developing your own themes and ideally have experience working with Python, Odoo, Oxygen, Divi and/or Elementor.
  • You will be comfortable leading the management and implementation of front end development projects across a range of sites.
  • You will be creative, independent and data-driven when you make decisions about design, development and maintenance.
  • You will work collaboratively with our team, including senior management, to ensure our network of websites performs well for our business and clients.
  • 5+ years of basic web development experience (HTML, CSS, JS, PHP).
  • Experience programming in Python.
  • 5+ years of WordPress development expertise.
  • Experience building custom WordPress themes.
  • Deep understanding of website optimisation, particularly for mobile.
  • Ability to communicate technical concepts effectively in English and Vietnamese.
  • Experience working with Oxygen.
  • Experience with UX and UI tools like Figma and/or Adobe XD.
  • Experience with Google Analytics and other analytics tools.
  • Experience building custom WordPress plugins.
  • Understanding of website security basics, including tools and standard operating procedures.
  • A portfolio of beautifully designed WordPress sites and clear examples of your role in the development process.
  • Examples of smart custom code you have written to solve problems for yourself, clients or customers.

Prior to applying please ensure you meet the required key competencies and review our corporate information on our websites: https://qlmgroup.com and https://hhlc.com.vn. Please apply in writing by email only to jolie.nguyen@qlmgroup.com


Primary purpose

To ensure jobs are printed promptly and according to the instructions on the job bag and to approved quality standards including the flagging of jobs with appropriate labelling during production runs. To adhere to internal standards for work area cleanliness and ongoing maintenance of equipment according to the maintenance schedule.

  • Check plate material and ink and vanish before producing
  • Set up and operation of printing press as per requirements of the Press and specifications noted on job bags and history cards
  • Identification and use of appropriate stock for set up
  • Identifying stock tupes and ensuring the correct stock is allocated to the job through the application of pile/roll – identification labels
  • Adherence to HHLC Quality standards:
    Understanding acceptable quality standard for finished labels; Identification of non – conforming product; Flagging of jobs with appropriate labeling during production runs for identification of non – conforming product and splices by finishing; Ensuring that the Shift Supervisor/ Production Manager ( or a designated representative) counter – signs the set up for labels to the agreed standard, before proceeding).
  • Recording job production time details on time sheet
  • Variations to specifications on job bags are to be approved by the shift supervisor/ production Manager (or a designated representative) and noted on job bags by the Printer for updating by sales administration.
  • Preparation of history card for new jobs
  • Demonstrated knowledge of Press requirements particularly relating to dangerous areas on the press or machine
  • Keeping word area and benches clean at all times
  • Understand the process for requesting consumables (Tape, doctor blades, ink…).
  • Willingness to multi – skill on different machinery as per operational requirements.
  • Abiding by HHLC’s policies and procedures on Quality, Workplace health and safety, Manual handling, PPE and Hazadous Subtances.
  • All necessary materials to complete a job are on hard
  • Accurately processing all printed jobs as per the specifications on the job bags and history card; flagging non – comforming product according to the HHLC standard
  • Processing jobs on a timely manner as per expectations noted on the schedule and filling in time sheets.
  • Correctly and consistently recording job information on time sheets
  • Annotating job bags with amendments and notes of interest as required
  • General housekeeping
    Properly maintained machinery and a clear work area with tools in place
  • Compliance to HHLC’ policies and procedures on Quality, Workplace Health and Safety, Manual Handing, PPE and Hazardous Substances
  • Non – conformances (NCR’s) less than 0.1% due to Printer error
  • Estimate to Actual time comparison +/-4%
  • Stock used actually is equal to or better than estimate
  • Information on job bags for variations noted as required and accurate job history card (spot check of job bags)
  • Completion and adherence to workplace cleanliness standard the machine maintenance schedule and all tools in place
  • Compliance to HHLC’ policies and procedures on Quality, Workplace Health and Safety, Manual Handling, PPE and Hazardous Substances
  • Demonstrated understanding of mechanical equipment or ability to gain experience
  • Knowledge (or ability to gain knowledge) of Raw Materials used for the printing
  • Strong literacy and numeracy skills
  • Ability to plan day and monitor your day – to – day performance


primary purpose

Manage an existing sales territory and client by phone and in-person calls. Establish new leads within those territories by phone and in-person calls. Ensure that clients are dealt with in a professional manner. Make sure that information flows into and out of the company in an appropriate manner. Supply accurate information for estimation and production. Promoting of the corporate name, branding and values. Ensuring that potential and existing clients are fiscally sound to the best of your ability and that credit applications and financial procedures are followed.

  • Service existing clients, by contact via telephone and in person visits. Ensure that they are adequately supplied with labels and that the company is kept informed at all times as to changes in their purchasing habits.
  • Sourcing potential new clients in a given territory, either by cold calling or tele canvassing. Representing the company’s products and services to these clients and creating a quote opportunity
  • Planning of forthcoming weekly activity along the prescribed lines and discussion with the sales manager
  • Updating of data within the Prism program on a time to time basis as required
  • Preparation of new projects & quotes in a timely manner and communicated to relevant parties
  • Contact existing clients & update diary notes regularly as part of the customer care program.
  • Attend and participate in training, sales meetings & sales conferences
  • Abide by the company’s policies and procedures on Quality Management, Workplace Health and Safety and Rehabilitation and Return to Work
  • Ensuring the Sales territory is meeting or exceeding its Targets
  • Ensuring relationships with existing clients are properly maintained & grown. Ensure that the company services are well presented
  • Processing of jobs in an accurate and timely manner
  • Sourcing potential new clients and obtaining quote opportunities
  • Supply of accurate information to the sales support, estimator, production and the sales manager
  • Preparation on the territory sales report on a monthly basis
  • Keeping open & accurate communication with your sales executive, estimator, production, sales manager as well as other company stakeholders
  • Abide by the company’s policies and procedures on Quality Management and Workplace Health and Safety
  • Achievement of budget for territory monthly
  • Sales activity
  • Quotes for the month
  • Quote follow up
  • Non conformances
  • HHLC Professional Code of Conduct
How Measured
  • Budget is met or exceeded on a quarterly basis
  • Sales activity is met or exceeded on a monthly basis
  • Quotes are followed up and closed out before 60 days
  • Non – conformances to do not exceed 0.3% of monthly sales
  • Good phone manner, good communication and relationship building skills in English and Vietnamese
  • Knowledge of the printing industry
  • Operating competency in Excel, Word and Outlook
  • Operating competency in HHLC Computerised MIS Systems
  • Ability to plan day and monitor output

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