Thermal Ribbons Australia

Here at QLM we supply the best quality thermal ribbons through working with Thermal Ribbons Australia. They are a wholesaler of premium grade thermal transfer ribbon and our only supplier of thermal ribbons.
As a family run buisness with caring company values like our own, we have worked well together supplying our customers with high quality ribbons. They produce all grades of thermal ribbons (wax, wax resin and full resin) suitable for flat head printers as well as near edge printers, including flexible packaging or inline printers. They have been a very reliable and consistently high quality brand since we became partners.
Thermal Ribbons Australia carry more than double the amount of stock lines than their competitors.

Their thermal transfer ribbons are made from the best Japanese grades of thermal transfer film, including Ricoh, Fuji Copian, Union Chemicar and General, as well as China’s biggest and best manufacturer of thermal transfer ribbons, Zhuoli.


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